Climate Shock

by Gernot Wagner, Martin L. Weitzman

Climate Shock is a mere 150 pages of large fonts and narrow margins. If not for the 100 additional pages of acknowledgements, notes, bibliography, and index, this would make an excellent pocket book.

The book is easily read, although a little too easily; the book doesn’t use footnotes or endnotes, but page notes in the back without references in the prose. As a result, you tend to flip through the notes after each chapter, which feels like an afterthought that keeps you from learning the higher-level stuff. By choice, the book features few if any equations and tables for better and worse, which works fine, but the ideal compromise would have been to let people supplement their simplified reading with some harder numbers through endnotes or a refactored footnote system. I see the point of the aversion to hard science and an abundance of numbers, but it feels too dumbed down for an otherwise brilliant work with 100 pages of extensive references.