More Slack

still by Niclas Darville

Workflow examples


Shortcut function Shortcut to type
View emojis :+Tab
Quick switcher +K or T
DM history +Shift+K
Switch to team +Number
Mark all as read Shift+Esc
Edit last message in the input field
Upload a file Cmd+U
Create snippet Cmd+Enter
Mark everything as read Shift+Esc


Command function Command to type
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ /shrug
Instant videochat /appear
Collapse all images and videos /collapse
Expand all images and videos /expand
Set up a personal reminder /remind
Mute a noisy channel /mute
Subscribe to an RSS feed /feed
Start or end a Do Not Disturb session /dnd
Make a phone call /call


Slack stickers, four bucks a pack
Slap some stickers from the Slack store on your devices for $4—they’re great conversation prompts.