Internet Troubleshooter

by Niclas Darville

After my own horrendous experience figuring out why my cable Internet wasn’t working, I thought I’d share what I learned to help others and future me.


On Windows, I recommend you download and install PingPlotter.

It is immensely helpful both to you and your inevitable struggle of explaining the situation to the clueless ISP tech support.

After setting it up, you should take your findings and compare them with what the PingPlotter manual suggests could be the problem—specifically the “Understanding Output” section for interpreting results.






  1. Windows has a dumbass default setting that can turn off your wifi adapter to save power. Disable the setting with this guide.
  2. If username and password are different than the factory default, your ISP can't connect to it or something.
  3. Can only be measured by a technician.
  4. The antenna cable needs to be tightened as hard as possible, because it depends on a spring mechanism in the screws.