The CBO’s AHCA Report

by Niclas Darville

(At present, this project is for the first AHCA bill. It has since been revamped twice.)

The CBO’s report on Republicans’ AHCA is out, and it's unfortunately only available as a clunky PDF.

For a document this important, we need something that works better for online discussions. For this reason, I will try to convert the report to a useful HTML version to be linked, shared, and highlighted by all interested parties.

A Markdown version is also available, since that’s how I’ll be writing the text in the first place.

Furthermore, I’ve redone most of the tables in the report as HTML. Since rendering them in Markdown is not possible, they’re available separately.

The report and tables have been manually typed from the original material, which makes typos likely. Cross-reference excerpts with the original material to be sure.