A Treasure Trove of Danish Climate Data


My previous reading of …’s … yielded some great new sources in American NOAA’s CEI, but also the Swiss MeteoSwiss.

Find yourself grousing inside during the awful Danish weather? Tjek DMI’s datasets; Ctrl+F “Climate Data Collection 1873–” http://www.dmi.dk/laer-om/generelt/dmi-publikationer/2013/

Climate and weather in DK

  • https://www.dmi.dk/en/klima/klimaet-frem-til-i-dag/danmark/nedboer-og-sol/
  • https://www.dmi.dk/klima/fremtidens-klima/danmark/
  • http://www.dmi.dk/nyheder/arkiv/nyheder-2017/juni/tilbageblik-paa-vejr-og-klima-i-2016/
  • http://www.dmi.dk/laer-om/generelt/dmi-publikationer/2013/