A Simple Script to Stabilize Your Videogame Performance


I have a computer that largely consists of eight-year-old components, so maintaining a stable 60 frames per second can be a challenge.

I mainly play Overwatch, and while the general performance seems to be acceptable, I started to notice some weird intermittent dips in performance—of course at the worst possible moments.

Turns out iTunes and Dropbox have a habit of just destroying users’ CPU for no good reason, which means you can’t predict when they’re going to spring a surprise on you.

On top of that, multiple apps have no compunction about using up all your bandwidth to download updates in the background; even Blizzard’s own launcher has started hogging all my internet as Overwatch was running at a speed I didn’t think I had chosen.

Closing all these miscreants is a pain and a half, both the time it takes to do the basic housecleaning every time you want to play a stupid game, as well as having to remember your checklist of programs to close.

This is where I ran into .bat scripts and Windows’s taskkill command that makes it dead simple to write your own script to close all these programs with a simple click before each session.

Just save the contents of killresourcehogs.bat to a file with a file name of your choosing and hit it before you play your game. Of course, you’ll have to configure it depending on the programs you use and don’t use; you don’t want to close the Blizzard launcher as you’re about to play Overwatch for instance.

Another scenario where you may want to retain your optimal performance is when streaming, recording or watching a video online where CPU is alpha and omega.

Now go rank up.