After 11/9


Day 0, 11/9 (Wed)

Was nauseated since midnight. Couldn’t sleep save for one or two hours.

Day 1, 11/10 (Thu)

Stories of assaults and verbal harassment. Muslim women deciding on whether to leave their hijab at home.

Our Danish prime minister basically called Obama a weak leader and Trump a strong one—or daresay a strongman.

Day 2–3, 11/11–12 (Fri–Sat)

An awful lot of open letters from white people: Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, Aaron Sorkin, some fictitious person from Parks and Rec, Jon Voight(!).

Corporations have been “congratulating” Trump on his victory: Microsoft, Jeff Bezos. Automakers have already begun asking Trump for favours.

Day 5, 11/14 (Mon)

Stephen Bannon was appointed Chief Strategist. Danish media barely write anything about him, and the mainstream American media fail to mention that he’s an antisemitic white supremacist who hates women.

Republicans politicins say they “don’t know who Bannon is”.

Trump wants security clearance for his children. And Giuliani is saying they need to manage Trump’s “blind trust”, because otherwise they won’t have a job.

Day 6, 11/15 (Tue)

It’s amazing how many euphemisms for Bannon media can use—“provocateur”, “controversial figure”. “Voices”, “critics” and other false talking positions don’t help, especially when they represent non-existing dissenting Republicans.

They also really need to stop “Alt-Right”.

Day 7, 11/16 (Wed)

The amount of money Donald Trump and his fellow corporatists will loot from the US is going to be crazy.

169 House Dems and 0 Repubs demanded the resignation of Bannon in a letter.

Day 8, 11/17 (Thu)

Muslim registrations, comparisons to Jews under WW2. Trump proxies citing the internment of Japanese-Americans as “precedent”. It’s that kind of day.

Day 9, 11/18 (Fri)

Cabinet appointment about as bad as they could be for civil liberties and racial and religious quality. Doesn’t get more anti-everything.

Day 10, 11/19 (Sat)

Trump settled the Trump U suit for a mere $25M. Must be a pittance for all claimants. No admission of guilt required, of course.

The NYT bumped off the story from their digital front page in favour of the Hamilton thing; WaPo didn’t feature it at all (Ctrl+F).

A lot of people were Very Upset that people booed the VPE. Dumbasses.

Day 11, 11/20 (Sun)

LAT, NYT, and WaPo barely featured the Trump U story, if at all, but NYT and WaPo featured the Hamilton nothingburger.

Added weekdays to the headings since it’s too easy to write the wrong date otherwise.

Day 12, 11/21 (Mon)

The media are now doing articles on literal Nazis and white supremacists as if they were archaeologist making a new discovery that will rewrite textbooks.

Some people associated with Bannon/white nationalists were taped Heiling, and the media seemed to struggle describing it.

The CNN also had a chyron asking whether Jews are people, so this day’s been fucking awesome. “Alt-right founder questions if Jews are people.”

THE MEDIA (CNN, Charlie Rose, and other dweebs) showed up at Trump Tower for an off-the-record metting where CNN, Blitzer, Zucker et al. apparently got yelled at by an incandescent president-elect.

Day 13, 11/22 (Tue)

Someone on Twitter pointed out that Trump’s kleptocracy is done in broad daylight to normalize it, rather than doing it in secret.

Trump admitted (via filing) to misrepresenting his foundation.

Day 14, 11/23 (Wed)

Looks like someone may have hacked the election. Awesome.

Day 18, 11/27 (Sun)

Donald Trump just tweeted he would have won the popular vote if not for the “people who voted illegally”.

Day 21, 11/30 (Wed)

NYT and CNN have been an absolute shitshow in not parroting Trump’s propaganda. Such as Trump “saving” 1,000 jobs and “fixing” his conflicts of interest.

Day 31, 12/10 (Sat)

Trump is barely reading intelligence briefing and is now warring with CIA in press releases. Lord.

Day 32, 12/11 (Sun)

Allen West just Facebooked about exterminating Muslims, guess he misplaced his dogwhistle.

NYT has been a complete failure and embarrassment. Pity the naïve subscribers.

Day 33, 12/12 (Mon)

Republicans just dissolved the Broadcasting Board of Governors—which supervises government-funded media outlets and creates some distance between them and the government. Looks like a Ministry of Truth in the making.

Trump is doubling down on questioning the US’ One China policy. Swell.

Day 34, 12/13 (Tue)

The Benghazi Committee shut down. How about them apples.

Day 36, 12/15 (Thu)

Everyone except the white tech CEOs at Trump’s meeting knew it was just a photo-op to normalize him.

Day 38, 12/16 (Fri)

“Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump.” ~ Omarosa Manigault.

The FBI now support the CIA in their allegation that Russia moved to influence the election in favour of Trump.

Day 41, 12/19 (Mon)

Oh great, someone’s doing a documentary on a KKK family in the US. Coverage by NYT.

NYT has been absolutely horrible in general, it’s amazing.

Day 45, 12/23 (Fri)

Trump announced nuclear rearmament on Twitter and an arms race on Morning Joe to two hosts wearing pyjamas … I think?

Day 51, 12/29 (Thu)

The Trump administration is reportedly looking for a Hispanic cabinet appointment to Agriculture. The mind boggles.

Threshold Editions, a Simon & Schuster imprint, paid Milo a $250k book advance.

Day 52, 12/30 (Fri)

Trump pinned a tweet praising Putin.

Heritage praised Putin (over Obama) in a tweet as well.

Day 56, 01/03 2017 (Tue)

House Republicans knee-capped the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) with little to no attention.

^[oce]: Office of Congressional Ethics

What’s left (1) can’t release information to public, (2), have a spokesperson, nor (3) contact law enforcement about a dicovered crime.

Secret meeting, secret roll call, on a national holiday.

In the parlance of Washington Post, the OCE was “reined in”.

Trump went on to tweet something to the extent of “was that really necessary”, and MSM like NYT and Polico bought it hook, line, and sinker—as is to be expected. ABC used “questions”, whereas the former used “rebuked” and “tweets disapproval”. WaPo wrote “slams”.

The measure has now been rolled back, after “intensive criticism” by Trump and “others”, according to the bootlicking NYT.

Looks like people calling in to reps’ offices may have been a driving force behind the aboutface.

NBC hired Megyn Kelly.

The Clintons and Bush Jr will attend the inauguration. Bush’ Sr. unable due to age.

Day 57, 01/04 (Wed)

ABC and WaPo keep inflating Trump’s roll in the turnabout; WaPo: “Trump takes aim at House Republicans, and they run for cover”.

Exxon will pay Rex Tillerman $180M before he leaves for SoS.

Day 58, 01/05 (Thu)

Greta van Susteren is joining MSNBC. Tucker Carlson replacing Megyn Kelly on Fox.

On Wednesday, the GOP will overwhelm the media and voters by staging

  1. Trump’s first press conference
  2. 6 confirmation hearings
  3. A budget fight including a discussion about repealing Obamacare
    • Planned Parenthood defunding is included, too

Day 59, 01/05 (Fri)

Republicans reinstated an obscure rule from 1876 that allows them to reduce the salary of a federal worker to $1: the “Holman Rule”. Gee, wonder who this will be used on.

Trump will be doing an off-the-record meeting with David Remnick (New Yorker), Anna Wintour (Vogue), and Graydon Carter (Vanity Fair).

Trump has ordered ALL of Obama’s ambassadors to resign by Inauguration Day.

Trump now wants to investigate top intelligence officials on top of wanting to give the

Facebook hired a right-wing “education reform” person to oversee its news division. She enjoys a line of communication with Betsy DeVos from the Trump administration.

Day 60, 01/06 (Sat)

NYT with an exposé that all foreign-policy is relayed to Kushner before Trump.

Also, looks like the cabinet appointments will not be vetted on ethics and conflicts of interest in time.

Day 64, 01/10 (Tue)

The cabinet confirmation hearings will begin before any of them have been vetted by the FBI.

Kushner seems to be leaving the New York Observer and parting ways with many assets (by passing it on to his brother) after which he will become a senior advisor to Trump, which is all kinds of illegal. His mother will also control a trust where some of it is funnelled?

16 bomb threats, all of them false, were reported against Jewish centres in the US yesterday.

Cory Booker (D-NJ) is testifying against Jeff Sessions is apparently the first senator-on-senator action for a cabinet appointment.

After pressure, “only” three nominees will happen without ethics review, after DeVos’s confirmation is postponed six days.

Republicans have passed a new measure that lets House members hide their expenditure records from ethics probes.

The Sessions hearing did not seem to offer much in the way of TV moments nor peripeteia.

Trump has announced that Obamacare should be immediately repealed—with some replacement to follow, as difficult if not impossible as that may be.

He has also announced a vaccine skeptic committee chaired by skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

CNN sez intel chiefs have given Trump a report about information Russia possesses to “compromise” him.

Oh, BuzzFeed has the full memo and published … everything.

WaPo found the letter by Coretta Scott King condeming Jeff Sessions

Republicans have put forward a bill designating “The Muslims Brotherhood” as a terrorist organization.

Day 65, 01/11 (Wed)

Trump held his first presser in ages, kept referring to himself in third person as he said he

  • Wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare ASAP
  • Is doubling down on his corruption
  • Encouraged people to give him money through his hotel, after which he’d donate the profits to the Treasury
  • Will build and pay for his wall ASAP and get Mexico to pay for it down the line
  • Will nominate someone for SCOTUS within two week after the inauguration
  • Refused to answer questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta whom he called “fake news”, while calling BuzzFeed “a failing pile of garbage” that will “pay the consequences”

Trump also staffed the press conference with supporters who applauded him and shouted down critical questions.

Day 66, 01/12 (Thu)

Trump literally tweeted “Buy L.L.Bean.”

Obama admin has given NSA the green light to share raw surveillance data with the other intelligence agencies.

Amazon has announced 100,000 new jobs to appease Trump. Great.

Eric Schmidt (Alphabet) spotted at Trump Tower.

He’s then gone on to praise the choice of Dina Powell as “Assistant to POTUS & Sr. Counselor”.

Day 67, 01/13 (Fri)

Obama has cut off Cubans’ ability to immigrate.

Rep. Chaffetz has threatened ethics watchdogs Office of Governmental Ethics with subpoenas if they criticize Trump.

^[oge]: Office of Governmental Ethics

CNN cut a weird positive “highlight reel” of his atrocious performance on CNN during which he had to argue with a Republican defending Obamacare that had saved his life.

They later announced two right-wing hires from Independent Journal Review: Hunter Schwarz and Kate Bennett.

The commander of the DC National Guard will be fired at 12:01 PM on Inauguration Day. For some reason. He was appointed by Bush in 2008.

House Dems attended a confidential briefing on Russian hacking and came to the conclusion that Comey is completely unable to run the FBI.

According to The Guardian, this is because Comey refused to answer questions on Russia and Trump, even during a classified hearing.

Day 67, 01/14 (Sat)

House GOP have barred CBO from counting hikes in deficit spending from ACA repeal.

Trump has decided to Twitter beef with John fucking Lewis. On the cusp of the MLK holiday weekend.

Day 68, 01/15 (Sun)

The Trump administration are thinking about throwing the press out of the WH press room and putting them somewhere else.

Rand Paul offered meak support for Trump’s attack on Lewis, saying he should not be above criticism.

Priebus joined Chaffetz in threatening the OGE director.

Gingrich wants to eliminate the CBO.

Trump dismissed NATO and the EU (weaker as a result of refugees/”migrants”) according to a British and German paper (The Times and Bild).

He also expressed wishes to move closer to Britain as well as Putin by trading sanctions for some nominal nuclear-arms reduction. So that’s that for the sanctions.

The German paper, Bild, praised Brexit and called EU “basically a means to an end for Germany”. He referred to the German refugees as “illegals”.

Later, Merkel said that Europe’s fate “is in our hands”.

Trump’s press secretary complained about an SNL sketch on TV—Trump, of course, did the same on Twitter.

Day 70, 01/17 (Tue)

Facebook made another right-wing hire for News Feed Communications Director.

Rick Santorum is now a senior political commentator on CNN.

Erik Prince, mercenary chief and brother of Betsy DeVos, is advising Trump “in the shadows”.

Day 71, 01/18 (Wed)

Betsy DeVos, the nominee for EduSec, did not understand the difference between proficiency and growth. Lawd hamercy.

Looks like DeVos might joins Tillerman in lying in her testimony. Him about his dealings with Russia (IIRC), she in saying she wasn’t on the board of her mother’s foundation. DeVos claims clerical error.

Alexander has said there will be only one round for the hearing of Price.

Same for DeVos, 5m each.

DeVos also didn’t know the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Sen. Bob Corker said Tillerson will get a floor vote regardless of whether the committee approvees him.

DeVos’s hearing was a complete and utter mess. Hard to put a finger on one disaster that overshadowed the others.

Companies are now announcing their plans to bring “more” jobs to the US in an effort to ingratiate themselves with Trump. Some of these companies are just repeating prior plans, meaning that there is no net increase in jobs.

Some of the companies, according to WSJ today, includeBayer AG, GM, Hyundai, WalMart, and previously Amazon.

Car manufacturers were some of the first to pander to Trump as aforementioned (Day 2–3).

Trump said in an interview with Politico that “he likes his briefings short, ideally one-page if it’s in writing. ‘I like bullets or I like as little as possible. I don’t need, you know, 200-page reports on something that can be handled on a page.’”

Rumblings that the site is down, but not for the people nearby (same wi-fi?). Both hides the hearings from the public and lets journalists think it’s up and running.

One round of 7m questions for Price, sez Alexander.

Trump told WaPo in an interview that he wants the military to march down Pennsylvannia Avenue to “[show] our military”.

Trump Hotel (Barad-Trump) is barring the media during the inauguration week, says the hotel director of sales and marketing in an e-mail to Politico.

Hat’s off to the Dems today, they’re killing it in the hearings.

32 Jewish community centres received bomb threats today, repeating the past instance.

“FBI, 5 other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump” writes McClatchy.

Trump also paid $25M to settle his Trump U lawsuit today.

Day 72, 01/19 (Thu)

Rick Perry apprently literally doens’t know what the EPA does, and only thought they dealt with oil and gas, according to the NYT.

Looks like the new administration is woefully understaffed with only a few dozen hires.

With the AgSec nominee named, there won’t be a Latinx in the cabinet for the first time since Reagan.

The Hill is reporting that the Trump administration are working to eliminate the Naitonal Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, VAWA grants, as well as privatizing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. $10.5T worth of cuts over 10 years. That’s $1.9T more than the Republican Study Committee’s budget.

House Republicans have also moved to give away federal American land, in part by defining it as “worthless”.

Trump hotel in DC has offered a $500k inauguration package. Nothing corrupt about that. All 263 rooms are sold out.

Spicer now promoting Trump hotels in Q&As with journalists.

WaPo reporting that the people actually running Trump’s foreign policy/national security are Bannon, Kushner, and Priebus.

Trupm to name the owner of NFL’s NY Jets to be the ambassador to the UK, says ABC.

Louis Vuitton is launching a “Supreme” collection. White on red.

According to The Hill, Trump has asked around 50 Obama staffers to stay (because he couldn’t find the people).

According to HuffPo, Trump wanted a North Korea-like military parade with tanks and missile launcher, but the sourcing on it was kind of weak.

Day 73-1, 01/20 (Fri) - Inauguration Day

NYT backed up the McClatchy story about the investigation of the Trump-Russia ties. Based on intercepted communication.

There will be 1 person in the media for every 2 guests at the DeploraBall. The media are a part of the problem.

Inauguration concert was a ghost town. Will be interesting how the day of compares.

Sheldon Adelson and his wife were given dais seatings, which is unorthodox for donors.

The bio of Trump contains the lie that he won in an “electoral college landslide”. Same rhetoric for the popular vote. It generally is an extremely warped bio.

Adelson is also at the inaugural luncheon, which is orthodox as well.

Minor violent protests and destruction of property were front and centre of the news, even though the police said that the problem was miniscule and very limited. But media made it look different.

As one of the first action of the Trump administration, HUD has suspended the scheduled reduction of FHA annual mortage insurance premium rates, which will introduce a tax hike on ordinary Americans.

Inauguration attendence:

2017: 250k 2013: 1,000k 2009: 1,800k

Metro ridership:

2017: 193k 2013: 317k 2009: 513k 2005: 197k

The new website also inflates the crime statistics: “killings [in DC] have risen by 50%”. They didn’t even go up in 2016.

Day 74-2, 01/21 (Sat)

Trump also signed as the first executive order a scaling back of Obamacare with one page of general language.

House Republicans introduced a bill to do the same with fair housing (zoning, desegregation): H.R.482.

Trump has redecorated the White House with gold, such as replacing the red drapes in the Oval Office with gold ones.

DOJ has issued a report stating the White House isn’t an executive agency, and therefore, nepotism rules don’t apply for it. now has multiple references to “America First”.

The Women’s March protest was crazy, enormous, eclipsing the attendance at Inauguration Day. Probably the biggest protest in the US since March 2003. Not just in coastal cities, too. Bigger than just about anything in decades in some places.

Vox says 500k in DC vs 250k on Inauguration Day. 275k in the DC metro at 11AM vs 193k on Inaguration Day.

Trump held a speech at the CIA in front of the wall of fallen officers where he proceeded to launch into an unhinged rant about the lying media and how he had far more people at Inauguration Day. Worse, some CIA staffers in the audience were laughing and clapping.

He even lied about the weather during his inauguration speech.

This was an optional event on a Saturday, which would mean the people who went decided to by their own volition, though. Sneaky.

It’s also unclear who clapped; CNN are saying the people on the sidelines, not the front, did.

DC metro has seen more riders than Obama’s second inauguration.

Trump’s first @potus tweet spelled “honered” and was deleted, then reposted with the correction.

The first WH press briefing was about crowd sizes at Inauguration Day. “We’re going to hold the press accountable as well.” Spicer then left without taking questions. He was also over an hour late.

CNN were smart enough no to live broadcast the briefing. Instead they reported on it themselves during the fact with the ability to tune in. People like NYT and ABC just repeated the accusation.

Day 75-3, 01/22 (Sun)

DC Metro numbers out:

2017: 570.5k 2013: 782k 2009: 1.1M

Fox News appear fully committed to the fictitious spin of Trump: parroted the PressSec lines and feature footage of the inauguration vandalism by anarchists in the lead-in for “today’s” Women’s March coverage.

The Women’s March may have been the biggest in US history with millions marching.

Conway tried to spin Spicer and Trump’s lies as “alternative facts”.

In response to the first WH petition, reaching 100k, Conway said they weren’t going to release the tax returns “because people didn’t care”.

1,001,613 DC Metro rides for the Women’s March. 570,557 for the inauguration.

Republicans are gonna try to split the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—again.

Big changes announced in Israel: embassey move to Jerusalem, territory and construction expansions.

Suit to be filed against Trump for breach of Emoluments Clause on Monday.

Day 76-4, 01/23 (Mon)

NatSec Gen. Flynn is under investigation for Russia ties. The former revelation included Page, Stone, and Manafort.

Execs met with Trump today:

  • Elon Musk
  • Michael Dell
  • Marillyn Hewson: Lockheed Martin
  • Mark Fields: Ford

Trump signed a couple of EOs (presidential memorandum?) today stopping TPP, freezing hiring of federal workers and funding for NGOs related to abortion.

The White House has closed the public switchboard. Now you get redirected to posting comments online or social media.

First person called upon at the Monday presser was not AP as dictated by tradition. Instead it was some right-wing nut followed by:

* * *

Spicer then doubled down on all the lies, antagonized the journalists, and lied about applause at Trump’s CIA speech.

Seems like the reporters there completely failed to prepare and hold PressSec accountable. What a bunch of clowns.

Trump started an #AmericaFirst hashtag. He later went on to replace the Office of the United States Trade Representative front page with a weird “America First Trade Policy” thing.

SNL indefinitely suspended a writer poking fun at Barron Trump.

House passed H.R.5 “Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017”, which allwos the president to roll back any regulation.

Day 77-5, 01/24 (Tue)

In a meeting with congressional leaders, Trump repeated the claim that 3–5M illegal ballots were behind his loss in the popular vote, says WaPo. So dude is actually insane enough to believe this?

15 Senate Dems voted for Mike Pompeo (R-KS) as CIA director:

  1. Donnelly
  2. Feinstein
  3. Hassan
  4. Heitkamp
  5. Kaine
  6. King
  7. Klobucher
  8. Manchin
  9. McCaskill
  10. Reed
  11. Schatz
  12. Schumer(!)
  13. Shaheen
  14. Warner
  15. Whitehouse

EPA have had block grants frozen, and a memo was sent out to say that there’s basically a complete media and content/communication blackout. ~HuffPo

House Budget Vice Chairman (R-IN) defending turning Medicaid into a block grant thusly:

Medicaid is among the top three drivers of our debt (…) It’s unfair for the citizens of tomorrow to bear the burden through our debt load for the healthcare of today’s poor, and it’s especially not fair for them to pay for people who otherwise should be making their own way.

USDA (agriculture) is getting a gag ordered. All heretofore public documents are not available anymore.

NYT have finally decided to use the word “lie”; someone must have snapped. WSJ is increasingly supportive of the lies. Fox News is unsurprisingly doing the whole propaganda thing.

Julie Kirchner, former executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and an all-around racist nut, will now be chief of staff at the US Customs and Border protection.

Looks like EPA’s contracts have been frozen too. Includes cleanup efforts.

Trump have signed an EO to pass Keystone XL and the DAPL.

More gagged federal agencies:

  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • National Institute of Health

This is on top of EPA and USDA.

Worth pointing out that Trump’s executive order texts are released several hours after their announcement, which leaves the press and public in an awkward position to counter the administration’s narrative.

At the press briefing, Spicer said Trump genuinely believes “illegal votes” cost him the election “based on studies and information he has”. We’re outta synonyms for bullshit, distortions, and lies.

Dems keep voting to support the cabinet nominations. This is not how resisting works.

Warrent and others are voting for Carson. I mean.

On top of a number of protestors, a total of six journalists have been charged with felonies during the inauguration. 10y prison and $25k fine.

A Milo fan shot a protester in Seattle, and the police seem totally O.K. with it.

According to Politico, Trump has sent two aides to scope out Voice of America (VOA). (See Day 33.) Guess he’ll make use of it as his own propaganda instrument.

Day 78-6, 01/25 (Wed)

All but three Dems and Bernie Sanders voted for Haley in the Senate.

The House voted to cut federal funding for abortion. (A permanent rule instead of the Hyde Amendment.)

There’s been some confusion and conflation over executive orders and memoranda.

Elon Musk continues to be extremely supportive of Tillerson on Twitter.

Reuters sources say EPA is being told to cut the climate section of their website.

Fox News and Trump (Twitter) are playing up the “carnage” rhetoric on an “uptick” in violence. Focusing on Chicago.

Danish media taking all Trump’s insane allegations at face value without questioning them: “Trump: [absurd claim]”.

The federal hiring freeze includes the VA

University of Washintgon Republicans issued a statement on the shooting of the activist at the Milo event:

If you keep prodding the right you might be unpleasantly surprised what the outcome will be.

The USDA gag order has been rescinded.

The Trump administration has hired 3 Breitbart people so far.

Trump announced a voter fraud investigation. On Twitter.

Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, is teaming up with Corewy Lewandowski to do consulting.

Not a single Democrat has voted against all Trump’s nominees.

WH press office is sending out e-mails with praise of Donald Trump that read like movie posters.

The removal of the EPA climate page has also been rescinded.

EPA says they never planned on removing it, just tweaking it a bit, whatever that means.

Trump still keeps around his old Android phone, NYT reports.

Mar-a-Lago’s admittance fee has been doubled to $200k.

Trump Hotels will triple presence in the US according to the CEO.

They’ve hugn an Andrew Jackson portrait in the Oval Office.

Trump’s voter fraud witch hunt will mainly take place in states where he loss. Basically punishing the opposition.

VA and MI GOP intend to rig the Electoral College votes by tying them to (gerrymandered) congressional districts.

Federal grants for sanctuary cities (NY, CA …) also look like they might be gone.

The new EEOC chair, Victoria Lipnic, does not believe anti-gay bias is illegal sex discrimination.

Trump’s executive order today sets up a weekly digest of less-than-reliable reports of crimes committed by “aliens”, ie “illegal immigrants” in sanctuary cities. “Office for Victims of Crimse Committed by Removable Aliens”. This is fucked up.

We keep relying on other media to get their hands on these fucking EOs and executive actions, because they’re not made public immediately.

There’s been tons of news of forthcoming actions, such as opening CIA black sites, action on immigration, Muslim immigration, fucking over sanctuary cities financially, building the wall, and much more.

Great to see “reports” of the Trump administration cutting UN funding by 40% and other heinous shit without any confirmation.

It’s past midnight here in Denmark, and I still have fuck all idea about the language of the groundbreaking executive actions that were allegedly signed today.

This is a thing CNN actually tweeted:

BREAKING: President Trump says intelligence officials have told him torture “absolutely” works

AP now says EPA can’t release studies and data without review by political appointees.

NYT reporting that Trump may have had the idea about voter fraud from a German golfing partner who rambled on and wasn’t even eligible to vote himself.

Trump did a crazy, unhinged ABC interview.

Day 79-7, 01/26 (Thu)

Paul Ryan has said Congress will pay for the wall: $8–14B.

The ABC interview had Trump quadruple down on voter fraud and crowd sizes, and said his CIA “ovation” was “the biggest since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl and they said it was equal”.

This transcript is going to be some historic document:

NYPD arrested people protesting Trump’s Muslim travel ban and DAPL in the Jan 25 protest.

Trump went after Chelsea Manning, using exact same talking points as Fox News.

Pro Publica reports that gas and utility groups who rely on EPA stats are warning members that there’s no way to know whether the data can be trusted anymore.

CNN now reporting that Trump will not sign EOs on refugees and immigrants from terror-related countries. But who knows? I don’t include this kind of speculative reporting, but it’s 90% of all information at the moment.

Trump suggested Mexico should cancel the US-MEX meeting, if they won’t pay for the wall. Mexico had, obviously, already been very skeptical, to say the least. The meeting is now cancelled by Mexico.

Politico reports that Trump’s break-neck pace of action might run into a wall, as federal agencies and officials have not been consulted and allowed to vet the policies that may not even be workable in the existing framework.

They also report that Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon write the EOs.

The countries where Trump is doing business are coincidentally not on the list of banned Muslim countries. This violates the Emoluments Clause according to some.

Bannon called NYT to tell them to shut up, describing the media as the opposition.

20% tariff of Mexican imports — changed their minds within an hour saying they never meant it, even though Spicer confirmed it.

Trump was apparently supposed to sign an EO on his voter fraud witch hunt—but then didn’t.

Miami-Dade mayor has undone his county’s status as a sanctuary county.

Day 80-8, 01/27 (Fri) - Holocaust Remembrance Day

Social media blackout at Department of Energy.

University of Wisconsin says a student behind an “Alt-Right” group was convicted of burning black churches.

The Trump admin has halted all pre-paid Obamacare ads to get people to enroll in 2017.

Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick are joining Trump’s economic team; Musk had already made weird defences of Tillerson, and said he might be Trump’s “voice of reason”.

WaPo has broken the news that Trump PERSONALLY called the Park Service asking them to prove his claims about his inauguration crowd.

Trump patted the MLK bust on Hannity.

Trump quoted a Twitter rando on 3M fraudulent votes. For some reason, CNN had the guy on the show.

Looks like someo f the Obamacare ads are still going out. Not sure what that means for the purported ban.

WSJ reports that Trump wanted to get rid of the Electoral College, but McConnell talked him out of it.

Trump says to “Brody File” that he will prioritize Christian refugees.

Trump’s statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day did not mention Jews, anti-Semitism, the genocide of 6M, which according to some is a first.

Megyn Kelly replaces Al Roker and Tamron Hall on the Today Show. (Both Roker and Hall are black.)

Once again, the EO text is not available, but “a lot of people are saying” that Trump’s signed one putting a halt to resettlement of refugees to the US, as well as issuing visas from a lot of Muslim-majority countries. Prior excerpts of the text suggested that this applies to people with citizenships from the respective counries, so dual citizans and green card-holders might be affected by this if they as much as leave the country, too. Syria, Liraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen.

It’s also expected to cut the number of accespted refugees sharply.

On fucking Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Politico has reported that Trump has ordered the “rebuilding” of the military, except they didn’t put it in quotes.

It sounds like an executive action of intent more so than a document of specific policy.

The Obamacare ads will officially continue, say HHS officials to Politico.

Conway now saying that they’re not going to revealed what Trump signed today—on a Friday, in prime time, on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Orders now available. “Extreme Vetting.”

A lot of political preamble.

  • Visa and travel restrictions TK

5(b): Religious discrimination in granting refugee claims. Based on religious minority status for religious refugees.

5(c): Entry for Syrian refugees stopped

5(d): 50,000 cap for refugees

Sec 7(a): The Secretary of Homeland Security shall expedite the completion and implementation of a biometric entry-exit tracking system for all travelers to the United States, as recommended by the National Commission on Terrorist attacks Upon the United States.

Sec 10(a) will publicize data on foreigners

  • charged with terrorism-related offences
  • radicalized after entry and engaged in terrorism-related acts
  • gender-based violence against women, including honour killings
  • “any other information relevant to public safety and security”

Biometric tracking for all travellers (entry-exit) expedited.

The US Refugee Admissions Program is suspended for 120 days, reads ABC in the EO.

The travel ban is for 90 days, says Chris Geidner.

Today was also the March for Life day.

Day 81-9, 01/28 (Sat)

Google and Tim Cook have engaged in “aggresive wooing” of Republicans according to NYT and BF’s Hamza Shaban respectively.

500k legal residents could be blocked as a result of the ban, says Pro Publica.

Visa, green card holders, refugees from the affected areas aren’t being let into the US airports.

Asghar Farhadi, Oscar nominee, won’t be let into the US.

California considering cutting of federal funding to feds—whom it pays more to in taxes than it receives from—in response to abrogation of sanctuary status.

Facebook sponsored a Daily Caller event on Jan 17, Gizmodo reports.

Because of the sudden Friday announcement, airlines are struggling to figure out whether they can transport “affected” passengers. Airlines don’t all agree on whether the passengers can be transported.

Google says at least 200 of their staffers are affected by the ban.

CAIR and ACLU have sued Trump over the ban.

Iran has banned Americans from entering the country.

State Department confirmed that dual citizens from any of the liste countries are barred from (re-)entry.

British MP Nadhim Zahawi tweets that the ban affects him and his wife as well, even though they were merely born in Iraq without any dual citizenship.

Unconfirmed reports of certain people being allowed “waivers” to enter the US—along with interviews, detentions, questions about political affiliation, social media profiles.

Kwong Hai Chew v. Colding

Every GOP person unavailable for comment since the EO. (Except Trump.)

Dozens of volunteer lawyers at airports. Inspiring.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) cabs workers union held a work stoppage protest, too.

Uber NYC removed surge pricing.

Day 82-10, 01/29 (Sun)

Federal judge orders stay on travel ban.

WH says they didn’t mention the jews in holocaust statement, because other lives were lost, too.

Trump issued an executive memo that made Bannon (and others) part of the National Security Council. Huge changes to the “Principals Committee” overall, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is no longer on it.

Confusion over how the ban works continues. It’s all still by fiat. Airports, police, everyone involved act differently.

Airbnb announces free housing to people affected by the travel ban.

Other SV companies in general have been meek if not normalizing. Elon Musk, Uber, and Tim Cook in particular.

CNN reports that DHS determined the ban did not apply to people with legal permanent residence, but Bannon overruled them (“the President’s inner circle).

Giuliani said to Fox that Trump called him and said he wanted to do a Muslim ban and asked how he could go about it.

Customs Border Patrol at Dulles airport decided to “refuse to comply with the court order”, reports AP.

Lawyers also blocked by police in some places.

On Face the Nation, Priebus says Trump might extend the ban to include Pakistan.

Merkel’s office says she explained the Geneva Conventions to Trump during their phone call.

San Francisco Airport agents also refusing to comply with the federal court order and set to deport travellers. Elderly Iranians in this case.

Intercept reporting that people unaware of the ban who showed up were charged with violating US immigration ban and issued a five-year ban, as they arrived with terminated visas.

“Everyone suffered in the Holocaust, including the Jewish people”, Reince Priebus told Meet the Press.

The WH sent out a “Top Highlights from the Sunday Shows” e-mail.

Huge protest crowds today. Not just by airports as yesterday, but in squares.

8 days into his presidency, Trump’s Gallup disapprovals are higher than his approvals. It took hundreds of days for the same to happen with other presidents.

CBP officials doubled down on disobeying the court order, when congressional reps asked them to enforce it. SF Airport set to deport an Iranian.

Trump issued statement defending the ban, which he says is not a Muslim ban.

According to the White House, the Saudi King invited Trump to “lead a Middle East effort to defeat terrorism”.

Trump turned on intra-party dissenters McCain and Graham, calling them former presidential candidates and “weak on immigration”.

Reports of people, in plane, or detained in airports, being forced to sign I-407 forms surrendering their green card/long-term residency status.

DHS sec Kelly released … some kind of statement that may or may not have relented on some entry. Very hard to parse, lots of guarded sentences with weird loophole-like language.

In summary, 4 reps (Legislative) met with CBP (Executive) to free the illegally held detainees, but the CBP refused to comply with the court order (Judicial).

Constitutional crisis.

Day 83-11, 01/30 (Mon)

Six people killed, eight wounded in Quebecois terror attack on mosque. Two known attackers as of now.

According to, the Judicial branch section of the WH website was removed around January 20.

Even the page itself disappeared after January 30.

Guardian are describing the earlier mass dismissal of State Department officials as a “purge”. Didn’t want to bring it up before it was confirmed that it was not normal.

Another chart shows this cleared most of the senior leadership.

Uber buckling under figurative and literal outrage pressure: mass deletions, and their Help site is down from the traffic.

Elon Musk is having some weird kind of meltdown on Twitter, basically saying the language in the Muslim ban EO is perfectly sensible.

A Texas mosque was burnt to the ground on Jan 28.

UK government rejected a petition reaching 1M with calls to ban Trump from entry.

One question regarding the constitutional crisis right now is how people were able to have the forms aboard airplane in advance of the executive order. Looks like deliberate intent.

On Inauguration Day, Trump filed for his 2020 candidacy, which sets up the ability to accept campaign contributions—in name only. Let the favour-laundering begin.

LAT reporting that Stephen Miller “effectively ran the National Security Council principals meeting Saturday”.

Iraqi parliament has passed some measure to restrict Americans from entering Iraq.

The dissent memo within the State Department regarding the Muslims ban EO has been obtained by Lawfare.

In a series of tweets referring to reactions, Trump called his own EO a “ban”.

The African Union has condemned the US fro “taking our people as slaves”—but not as refugees.

The judicial section of the WH website is back.

Trump has signed an EO stipulating that for each regulation passed, two must be removed.

An obtained EO draft will make the Census demand people’s immigration status.

Airbnb “clarify” their promise by saying the refugee housing is only provided by volunteers. If none are available, listings will be subsidized.

A lot of ban exemptions requested: UK, US, NZ, AUS, Iraqi interpreters, pilots.

Mattis requested the Iraqi interpreters, pilots be exempt.

Obama’s office has issued a statement “disagre[ing]” with the discrimination on the basis of faith or religion, and supported their right to assemble.

Iran carried out a ballistic missile test on Sunday.

Acting DOJ, AG Sally Yates, has told lawyers not to enforce the travel EO, since she does not believe it to be lawful.

Marco Rubio tells reporters that (his?) staff asked State for clarification but were told the agency’s been directed not to answer questions from Congress.(?!)

A Somali-American was escorted off his flight to Paris, because it passed through US airspace.

Day 84-12, 01/31 (Tue)

Congressional House Judiciary staffers aided the admin in drafting the EO, signed NDAs.

Yates has been fired with a statement saying she “betrayed the Department of Justice” and other unhinged stuff.

This may be the first time an acting AG has been fired.

The president and CEO of NAACP was arrested at the office of Senator Sessions with other protesters.

The new acting AG says he will be enforcing the EO.

Trump has replaced acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Daniel Ragsdale with the deputy. Ragsdale still employed, but now deputy.

This might be normal procedure according to some. Hard to figure out.

New AG Boenty reverses Yates’s memo. Reference to “defend the lawful orders of our President”.

Lebanese and Jordanian people are also affected by the ban, according to personal stories.

Yesterday, in a letter to Sen. Leahy, Sessions refused to say whether he agreed with Trump’s voter fraud conspiracy theory.

Trump announced the extension of Obama’s 2014 EO protecting employees from “LGBTQ” discrimination.

Ukrainian troops attacked in Donetsk. Casualties.

Sen. Dems still meek and docile as fuck. They really have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing.

CNN has hired Trump’s former economic advisor Stephen Moore.

Dems boycotting the Price and Mnuchin vote, because they lied to the committee. No vote without more info. This should deny quorum.

DeVos voted past committee 12-11 along party lines, but Dems disagree with how it was done. Something to do with using proxy votes?

Israel also exempt from the Muslim ban now.

CBP saying it will depend on the passport presented.(?!)

Senegalese and Saudi Arabians also detained at JFK.

Infowars announce DC bureau and Jerome Corsi becoming a WH correspondent.

Two SCOTUS candidates—finalists?—Gorsuch and Hardiman “being brought to DC to build suspense”.

Reports that the US Marshalls have received instructions not to enforce the court orders from US Atty.

Record low of Senate confirmations in 40+ years.

Total of 17 JCC bomb threats today.

Jerry Falwell Jr. has said he will lead a federal task force on higher-ed policy.

Day 85-13, 02/01 (Wed) - Happy Black History Month

SCOTUS pick announced: Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Swiss dual citizens exempt, to.

EU and Mexico agree to accelerate trade talks.

Israeli intel have said that they prefer the embassy is not moved to Jerusalem out of security concerns.

Nazi and alt-right coiner Richard Spencer praised Trump’s “de-Judaification of Holocaust”.

Ukrainian casualties up to 10.

The Senate Finance Republicans suspended Committee rules to vote on Mnuchin/Price without Democrats. The rules were to demand further testimony from nominees who’d made material factual misstatements to the committee.

WH sent out another zany daily digest on the “praise” for Trump’s SCOTUS pick.

WH spokespeople will no longer appear on CNN, reports Politico.

Texas cut of funding to Travis County due to its Sanctuary City policy.

Explosions in Donetsk reaches record levels at 10,330.

At a presser, Flynn said Iran’s ballistic missile test “threaten[s] US friends and allies (…) as of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice”.

The first question granted afterwards, via Skype, was an unrelated pre-canned question.

WH says legal residents no longer need waiver to enter US because of the EO.

British parliament passed Brexit 498-114.

Ukraine has accused Russia of shelling a military plane.

House approved resolution to abrogate SEC requirement for oil, gas, mining companies to disclose payments to foreign governments, ie “resource extraction” in Dodd-Frank. (H.R.41.)

19% of the Russian Rosneft was also sold off to an unknown shell entity a couple of days ago.

Also voted to dismiss so-called “Stream Protection Rule” for water adjacent to mines.

Paramilitary police have shown up at Standing Rock.

Day 86-14, 02/02 (Thu)

Trump’s GP apparently hasn’t seen him since he became president.

Trump apparently also takes some kind of hair drug according to him in the NYT: finasteride (Propecia)??

Spicer and Trump apparently didn’t know who Frederick Douglass was yesterday either—on the first day of Black History Month.

A Trinidadian citizen and US permanent resident was detained. CBP said he had no right to counsel and threatened the immigration lawyers.

Virginia has moved for a contempt filing.

Trump allegedly gave the Australian PM a drubbing over their refugees meant to go to the US in a phone call. Went on to criticize them on Twitter. Referred to them as “illegal immigrants”.

The VA business has developed way beyond my grasp legalese.

The US embassy in Canberra has affirmed the US’ commitment to taking the Australian refugees.

Russia has purged their ranks for spies for the last couple of days, including cybersecurity experts.

Trump aide Sebastian Gorka says Bannon’s experience “crush[ing] left-wing rivals in terms of” qualifies him for NSC.

SFPD have stopped their collaboration with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Presumably a sanctuary city reaction.

NYT reports Frank Gaffney compared Muslims to termites on a Breitbart radio show the day after the election.

Seems like everyone in every echelon of government is leaking about the Trump administration.

Australian TV confirmed Trump yelling at PM and slamming the phone mid-conversation.

The WH admitted that Trump talked about moving the military into Mexico to deal with “bad hombres”. They first denied it happened, but they’re now going with “lighthearted joking”. Guess all the crazy leaks coming out are true.

At the national prayer breakfast, Trump said he wanted to pray for better ratings for Schwarzenegger’s hostship of The Apprentice.

Trump went after Iran on Twitter.

Republican, again, suspended committee rules to advance Pruitt’s EPA confirmation.

Spicer called the botched Yemen raid a “successful operation”. “It is a successful operation by all standards.”

Some cities have actually adopted sanctuary city status after Trump’s initial comments.

No readout of Trump-Putin call “because WH turned off recording”.

Gina Haspel, new deputy director fo CIA, ran agency’s first black site in Thailand where torture happened.

Travis Kalanick has left the Economic Council after the very successful #deleteUber campaign.

A FOIA reveals that the ethics process “has broken down”. “At present, we have no reliable lines of communication with the transition team - a circumstance that is also unprecedented.”

Day 87-15, 02/03 (Fri)

FCC chair is rolling back net neutrality investigation into mobile carriers.

Trump wasn’t in the Situation Room during the Yemen raid.

State drafted a Holocaust Remembrance Day release that mentioned the Jews, but the Trump admin blocked it.

Kellyanne Conway invented a terrorist attack by two Iraqi “terrorist” at the “Bowling Green Massacre”. Rand Paul went on to repeat the lie.

Former PM of Norway was detained at Dulles for an hour, because he had visited Iran in 2014.

The US has sanctioned Iran over its ballistic test.

More than 100k visas were revoked after the EO, a VA hearing reveals.

The visas weren’t suspended; they no longer exist. “That was based on a document Trump signedo n Friday but wasn’t made public til Tuesda”.

Spicer has confirmed Trump and VP support Right to Work.

Trump said he was going to gut Dodd-Frank, because a lot of his friends couldn’t borrow money.

Ontario has offered to provide surgery for the children affected by the ban.

A judge put a hold on the order, after which Trump called out the “so-called judge” on Twitter.

Day 88-16, 02/04 (Sat)

Iran readying its own sanctions in response.

State says it has unrevoked the “60k” visas.

Just to spell this out: TV networks are sharply increasing ad rates for shows Trump watches, anticipating that corps will pay for access.

Hard to describe, but everything coming from the WH is riddled with errors. Press sec getting names and titles wrong, typos; spelling errors, and other things in official releases.

Trump Posted A False News Report To His Facebook Page And Got Thousands Of Shares

Judge breaks precedent, orders Google to give foreign emails to FBI

Day 89-17, 02/05 (Sun) - Superbowl Day

Lot of immigrant stories in the Superbowl ads.

Trump went after “a judge [who] would put our country in such peril.” “If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in.”

Trump pretty much admitted he didn’t read the EO putting Bannon on the NSC.

Day 90-18, 02/06 (Mon)

Cosmopolitan caught Conway using the “Bowling Green Massacre” reference earlier on, meaning it wasn’t a slip-up when she used it on TV for a fake incident.

The FBI will no longer accept FOIA requests via e-mail; people will have to use the FOIA portal, fax or snail mail.

The FCC chair removed the price cap on inmate calling services.

Knesset retroactively passed a bill that lets them appropriate the West Bank from Palestinians.

Day 91-19, 02/07 (Tue)

Alex Jones published a video “Is Judge Blocking Trump Travel Ban Committing Treason”.

They also released a list of “underreported” or some such terrorist attack replete with spelling errors (“San Bernadino”) and some of the highest-profile attacks. As well as ones with no casualties.


The judiciary branch of our government, especially on the lower levels, has been utterly polluted by progressive judges.

Around 20 rabbis were arrested protesting the Muslims ban in NYC.

Fox News is repeating the Trump line about underrported attacks.

Trump “joked” to a sheriff about an insubordinate state senator:

Do you want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career.

The politician apparently wanted conviction before asset forfeiture.

DeVos was confirmed 50-50.

House Administration voted 6-3 to get rid of Election Assistance Commission that helps states improve their voting systems and protect them against stuff like, y’know, hacking.

Senate majority voted to limit debate on Sessions confirmation.

Bannon aide Gorka said people should thank the russians for exposing DNC/Podesta e-mails.

DAPL got the “easement” go-ahead. No environmental impact statement.

An ACLU lawyer was stopped and questioned by the CBP at the border.

Day 92-20, 02/08 (Wed)

Elizabeth Warren was silenced by the Senate majority leader for reading Coretta Scott King’s testimony against Sessions. “(Rule 19.”)

Senate ruled by 49-43 that warrent “broke rule impugning a senator”. She now can’t speak during the debate on Sessions.

The US is set to lease space in Turmp Tower, reports CNN. This is because proximity to POTUS is required.

Yemen deauthorized US SpecOps after the failed raid.

Politico: Amazon, Google, FB, Microsoft donated in some way to Trump’s inauguration.

The Under Armour CEO praised Trump.

NBC reports that Mattis and Dunford (chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff) took advantage of Trump’s mercurial nature and ego in selling him on the Yemen raid:

In making their case, they told Trump that they doubted that the Obama administration would have been bold enough to try it, this official said.

On Twitter, Trump castigated Nordstrom from pulling Ivanka’s product line (due to low sales).

Later went on to retweet from the @potus account.

He did this 21 minutes into his scheduled morning intelligence briefing.

Intel CEO met with Trump today.

Apparently, they wanted to re-announce $7B in Arizona investments and 3,000 jobs to curry favour with him. Trump seemingly had nothing to do with the decision.

PressSec defended Trump’s tweet about Nordstrom: “this was less about his family business, and an attack on his daughter.”

He also said criticizing the failed Yemen operation dishonours the SEAL who died in it.

He also alluded to a terror attack in Atlanta that never happened.

Day 93-21, 02/09 (Thu)

Gorsuch said to have called Trump’s attack on the judiciary “demoralizing” and “disheartening”. Still hearsay.

Sessions confirmed 52-47. Sessions didn’t vote.

Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted for him. His daughter is being investigated by the Justice Department.

Conway told people to buy Ivanka’s stuff on Fox News.

Trump did a Twitter rant declaring the Yemen raid a success.

Gorsuch’s team released a statement that wasn’t specifically critical, but emphasized the importance of an independent judiciary, maintaining the dismay at the criticism of it.

DAPL is back on track.

Fox News tried to make Bannon look acceptable by comparing him to (ISIS leader) Baghdadi.

At Sessions’s swearing in, POTUS signs three EOs:

  1. DoJ and DHS to “break the back of criminal cartels”
  2. DoJ to form a task form on reducing crime 3) DoJ “to implement a plan to stop crime and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers”

This around a day after Trump said violence is up 57% or some such nonsense.

Sessions would mention immigration and terrorism in the same breath.

Trump admin on call briefing reporters on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit says visit to Mar-a-Lago is a gift from Trump to Abe.

Wintour said Vogue will continuing the tradition of featuring FLOTUS.

These stories of embarrassing incompetence just keep pouring out in desensitizing volume.

Trump didn’t seem to know what START was in a phone call with Russia.

Trump has fired the White House CISO. Cybersecurity shakeup to come most likely.

Chaffetz on Conway comments on Ivanka: “appear to violate federal ethics regulations”.

9th Circuit denied stay of the TRO (Muslim ban).

Day 94-22, 02/10 (Fri)

A lobbying firm for Saudi Arabia rented some rooms at Trump Hotel. In related news, Japan’s Abe visited Mar-a-Lago for free as a “gift” from Trump.

WaPo has discovered that Flynn lied; he talked to the Russian ambassador about sanctions before the election.

Chaffetz got destroyed in his town hall.

Trump reverted to the “One China” policy in his last phone call with the president of China.

Tom Price confirmed for HHS along party lines. Doesn’t matter how corrupt you are.

NYT has noted that Bannon namedrops “a Nazi-affiliated Italian philosopher”: Evola.

Morning Joe basically did a segment entirely for Trump. Trump tweeted at 8:15 AM commenting on a quote from 8:03.

The WH has launched an investigation into the leaks about calls with foreign leaders.

The first ICE raids started today. 160 were caught in LA alone. The raids differ from Obama in that they don’t focus on people with criminal backgrounds—anyone seems up for grabs.

They also do roadside stops and go door to door.

WaPo said “non-criminals in the vicinity who were found to lack documentation”.

CNN reports US investigators have corroborated some parts of the Russian dossier.

Trump referred to Japanese PM as “PM Shinzo” in tweet. (No one showed the JP first lady around either, which is against protocol.)

9th Court is going en banc sua sponte on the TRO.

Day 95-23, 02/11 (Sat)

Nikki Haley issued a statement protesting the appointment of former Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad to head a UN mission, because he’s Palestinian. He seems well liked by all sides and perhaps the favourite Palestinian to Neocons like Condoleezza Rice.

CIA has denied security clearance to Flynn’s top aide. Can’t get on NSC now.

ICE official in LA said they’ve been targeting LA, New York, and Chicago in an “enforcement surge”.

General ICE raids across six states.

Justice Department withdrew defence of transgender people—on the second day of Sessions as AG. The EEOC stepped in instead.

Sean Hannity now parroting Assad’s talking points.

80k marching in NC for the “Moral March”.

Trump’s been on his second weekend vacation of golfing in his first three weeks of the presidency.

Day 96-24, 02/12 (Sun)

ICE planning to detain worshippers going to church. Confirmed.

There were also stories of ICE checking H1-B visas of people in “Silicon Valley businesses”.

Day 97-25, 02/13 (Mon)

Stephen Miller was allowed to chair an NSC meeting recently, reports NYT. Possible it was deputies. Miller is 31.

Mattis explored boarding an Iranian ships for inspections to intercept possible weapons headed for Houthis in Yemen.

NSC foreign policy research is crafted around Trump’s tweets, because they don’t know what the foreign policy is.

NYT, WaPo, WSJ, Politico reporting that Flynn is getting the cold shoulder from the deep state.

Trump received a phone call during a private meeting with Abe about the North Korean nuclear tests. He discussed the issue at length in the public space, reports CNN.

Also seems like the dinner was out in the open.

The people there also used their iPhones to light classified documents, which isn’t exactly great OpSec.

Dude named “Richard DeAgazio” snapped a bunch of photos of the table and put it on Facebook. He also got a signed photo and took a selfie with the football.

Hard to state how unhinged an authoritarian Stephen Miller’s defence of the Trump administration was.

After Trump’s constant lies about voter fraud in NH, the legislature is introducing 40 bills to supress the vote.

There was apparently also a livestream of the meeting.

House Intel Committee chair, Devin Nunes, defended Flynn unambiguously. Spoke ill of dissenters.

Day 98-26, 02/14 (Tue)

WH aide Sebastian Gorka was seen wearing a medal associated with Miklós Horthy, an anti-Semitic WW2 person whose regime involved the murder of 600k Hungarian Jews.

Mnuchin confirmed 53-47.

WaPo reports that Sally Yates warned that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

Journalist April Ryan says Omarosa bullied her and told her of a dossier compiled on her.

Trump staffers are violating the Presidential Records Act by using Confide, an app that auto-deletes text messages.

NYT says the Army has been investigating potential payments to Flynn from the Russian government during a 2015 trip to Moscow.

Flynn resigned.

In a tweet (sigh), Trump described Flynn leaks as “illegal”.

Russia has secretly deployed a cruise missile that violates arms treaty, sez NYT.

Republicans voted 23-15 to not request Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury Department—on the Ways and Means committee?

US Office of Government Ethics has called on WH to discipline Conway.

Chaffetz has requested information from the WH on security precautions at Mar-a-Lago.

Multiple Russian aircrafts were very close to US destroyer in Black Sea last week.

Day 99-27, 02/15 (Wed)

WH have said they will not insist on a two-state solution.

NYT: Trump aides and associates communicated with Russian intel operatives year before election.

In an (insane) presser with Netanyahu, Trump answered a question abuot the sharp rise in anti-Semitic in the US after his election by … talking about his electoral colleve victory. And then waffling and moving on.

Trump doing a rally in FL Feb 18.

Puzder withdrawing for Labour Sec.

BuzzFeed report that Kennedy has met with Trump three times since the first ignominious announcement.

Day 100-28, 02/16 (Thu)

China reversed course and finally awarded Trump a trademark on his brand.

Mother Jones obtained an intelligence guidance intructing analysts to keep the briefings simple: “a quarter of the information President Barack Obama received”, daily “reports on only three topics, typically no more than one page each”.

Clarence Thomas’s wife has been found to promote the Muslims ban in e-mails, which puts him in a bind to recuse himself.

Chaffet is now moving to investigate the leak(er)s on Flynn—rather than concerning himself with the ethics on the whole Russian situation.

US ambassador to UN said US “absolutely” suports a two-state solution.

New Labour Sec nom.

Trump held an unscheduled (unhinged) presser.

He said a lot of things, but the insanity of it all was the main takeaway.

Justice Department says Trump plans to rescind and replace the Muslim ban.

Trump sent out an e-mail telling supporters to support the administration against the journalists and their “hit jobs”.

Flynn’s been revealed to have lied about his discussion of the Russia sanctions in his FBI interview. This is a felony.

But will Sessions recuse himself from the prosecution? He campaigned with him.

Day 101-29, 02/17 (Fri)

APNSA pick Bob Harward refused the offer. He’s a retired vice admiral.

6 WH staffers were fired after failing FBI background checks (SF86).

Kushner met with Time Warner execs to complain about CNN’s coverage—to convey Trump’s thoughts. TWC are looking to be sold to AT&T and need government approval for the deal.

Not sure I missed this, but Trump directed the Justice Department to look into his administration’s leaks.

Security people in WaPo saying that they’re buckling under the pressure of managing the “logistical nightmare” of Trump’s tri-state travels between DC, NY, and FL: White House, Trump Tower, and Mar-a-Lago. On top of the expenses—$15M first month alone, which is 1/6 of Obama’s two terms.

And then there’s the Trump sons.

Chaffetz will investigate the Clinton aide who helped her set up an e-mail server.

EPA employees are urging their senators to vote against Pruitt’s confirmation.

New LaborSec Alexander Acosta accused of sweetheart plea deal for billionaire investor who commited statutory rape.

Senator McConnell has said health care and tax reform will happen without Dems.

A draft of a DHS memo making the National Guard “help” deport people was uncovered by AP and published by Vox. Dated same day as Muslims ban was signed.

Officials say it was ever seriously considered. “Phew.”

Pruitt confirmed.

German officials warned the US about their threats to the cohesion of the EU.

Trump wrote a tweet calling the media “the FAKE NEWS media” (…) “not my enemy, [but] the enemy of the American people.”

Day 102-30, 02/18 (Sat)

The New Yorker reveals Flynn was paid $40k for his infamous visit to Russia’s RT dinner in 2015.

Milo Yiannopoulos will be a keynote speaker at CPAC.

Trump held his Florida rally.

He used Air Force One as a prop after telling WaPo it wasn’t going to be used as a prop two days ago (Feb 16).

He made up an attack in Sweden that didn’t happen.

The first hate crime tracker for Asian Americans has launched.

Day 103-31, 02/19 (Sun)

Swedish embassy has asked US State Dep to explain Trump’s “statement”.

NYDN reports that Stepehen Miller called Brooklyn’s US Attorney at home with instructions on how to defend the travel ban in court.

DHS have taken the next step by creating VOICE: Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement within the Office of the Director of ICE.

Day 104-32, 02/20 (Man)

WSJ reports that the Trump administration wants to change the methodology for calculating trade deficit to make their numbers look better to be presented to Congress.

Trump doubled down to say immigration in Sweden is a disaster.

There’s been a weird outpouring of reverence for McCain’s nominal “criticism” of the Trump administration with promiment coverage on NYT and NYMag, even though he’s voted in lockstep with the adminstration on such things like confirmation votes.

Yiannopoulos was uninvited from CPAC after video game out of him appearing to support pedophilia.

Trump has named A R McMaster as his new APNSA after Flynn.

Ten Jewish Community Centres received threats today.

Trump also tweeted he was meeeting with the generals at MAL.

Hundreds of graves vandalized at St. Louis Jewish cemetery.

Day 105-33, 02/21 (Tue)

NYT says Alex Jones is taking on a new role as “information source and validator”.

Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart. This allegedly after numerous senior writers threatened to leave if he didn’t.

Day 106-34, 02/22 (Wed)

Trans bathroom protections for students were rescinded by Education and Justice. It’s now up to the states and schools to decide.

NYT report that DeVos was “overruled” by Trump, as Sessions wanted to remove the protections, but who really gives a shit, it’s probably spin anyway.

All data on, the WH’s open data portal, disappeared.

Water protectors being ordered to leave by Army Corps and police at Standing Rock (DAPL).

Trump associates and friends in Florida such as Mar-a-Lago are looking to get ambassadorships to promote the business:

  • Robin Bernstein (founding member of MAL): Dominican Republic
  • Patrick Burns: Austria
  • Brian Burns: Ireland

Republicans getting absolutely destroyed in town halls. Those who hold any; Dave Weigel said a half dozen of Republican senators did.

Day 107-35, 02/23 (Thu)

After countless allegations that protestors and town hall attendants are paid, Arizona passes SB 1142 bill which allows seizure of assets of people participating in OR PLANNING “violent” protests. Expands racketeering to encompass “rioting”.

Up to ten people were arrested as police cleared what remained of the Standing Rock camp. One journalist from Mic was among them.

Trump’s Manufacturing Council met today:

  • Andrew Liveris, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Bill Brown, Harris Corporation
  • Michael Dell, Dell Technologies
  • John Ferriola, Nucor Corporation
  • Jeff Fettig, Whirlpool Corporation
  • Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company
  • Ken Frazier, Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson
  • Greg Hayes, United Technologies Corp.
  • Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Jeff Immelt, General Electric
  • Jim Kamsickas, Dana Inc.
  • Klaus Kleinfleld, Arconic
  • Brian Krzanich, Intel Corporation
  • Rich Kyle, The Timken Company
  • Thea Lee, AFL-CIO
  • Mario Longhi, U.S. Steel
  • Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup Company
  • Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing
  • Elon Musk, Tesla
  • Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar
  • Scott Paul, Alliance for American Manufacturing
  • Kevin Plank, Under Armour
  • Michael Polk, Newell Brands
  • Mark Sutton, International Paper
  • Inge Thulin, 3M
  • Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO
  • Wendel Weeks, Corning

AFL-CIO somehow weren’t invited to the summit, despite their council membership.

Keep seeing stories of bomb threats against JCCs.

Trump said he wanted to expand the nuclear arsenal.

Sessions rescinded Obama guidance for Justice to reduce use of private prisons.

Spicer announced a potential crackdown (“greater enforcement”) on recreational marijuana.

CNN: WH asked FBI to “knock down” media stories critical of Trump-Russia relations.

Day 108-35, 02/24 (Fri)

Spicer confirmed the CNN story:

We didn’t try to knock the story down. We asked them to tell the truth.

AP reports Priebus intervened against FBI. He asked them to act as anonymous sources.

Trump held a crazy speech at CPAC where he *pled down on his lie about a recent attack in Sweden.

NRA’s LaPierre held an insane speech at CPAC casting liberal protestors as violent, angrier than anything before in the US. He asked what would happen when terrotists tag along an airport protest and “gas the place like they did in Tokyo”.

Media were not alowed inside Spicer gaggle:

  • CNN
  • NYT
  • BuzzFeed
  • Politico
  • LAT
  • Guardian
  • BBC, and possibly more

(Gaggle is an off-camera press briefing of sorts.)

AP and Time boycott

Bidding on the border wall has gone up: solicitation number 2017-JC-RT-0001.

Day 109-36, 02/25 (Sat)

Syrian behind the “White Helmets” Oscar-nominated movie were barred from attending.

Two Indian engineers were shot in Kansas, one of whom died, by racist saying “get out of my country” the other day. Big media attention.

An American tried to interfere and got shot three times. The president never commented on the incident nor the American man’s bravery.

DNC voted to strike down (Christine) Pelosi resolution to reinstate ban on corporate/lobbyist donations.

Everyone and their dog seemed to agree that Keith Ellison was the best possible pick for DNC chair, so DNC went on to elect Tom Perez instead. 235, 214.5 required, 200 for Ellison.

So far, ten journalists are facing charges, report the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Trump will skip the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (WHCD).

Trump sent a fundraiser e-mail bringing up that “now the fake news media is trying to silence you and distort our message”.

Day 110-37, 02/26 (Sun) - Oscar day

Dozens of graves destroyed in Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia.

Day 111-38, 02/27 (Mon)

Bomb threats issued again JCCs and schools in 11 states today. Fifth wave since January according to BuzzFeed.

White House to eject its environmental advisers from their longtime main headquarters on Friday

Spicer finally said Trump denounces the anti-Semitic hate crimes and mentioned the “disturbing” Kansas attack (on two Indian immigrant engineers).

Day 112-39, 02/28 (Tue)

ADL SF had to evacuate after a bomb threat.

BF have their bomb threat count from Monday at 23 JCCs and schools in 15 states.

Trump said Obama was behind the townhall protests and WH leaks. asdjlfkjdsklfjs

The interview makes it looks like he was straight-up baited into giving that answer by Fox’s Brian Kilmeade.

During an ambush Oval Office meeting with HBCU reps (concerning EO?), Education issued a statement praising HBCU as examples of the benefits of “school choice”. (…)

The WH announced their guests to the joint address to congress. Three of the guests are people whose family were “killed by illegal immigrants”.

Trump went on to blame the failed Yemen raid—which yielded no useful intel—on someone else when asked about the father of the slain SEAL.

Sessions admitted he hasn’t read any of the DoJ police department reports.


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said Trump responded to concerns about the anti-Semitic hate crimes by with “sometimes it’s the reverse” or some kind of false flag.

The WH condemned the Kansas attack, a week after it happened.

The HBCU presidents who showed up at the WH said they were promised money. Instead, they got some awkward photos and egg on their face. Price of doing business with Turmp.

FBI are now investigating the Kansas (Olathe) shooting as a hate crime.

Four mosques have been torched in the past seven weeks.

Politico quotes Eric Holder saying Obama is “ready to roll” to get involved in politics again.

Day 113-40, 03/01 (Wed)

In yesterday’s address, Trump called for a new government agency: Victims fo Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE). As seen before.

Trump basically got praised for doing the worst address every, because he didn’t act like an unhinged dictator in it. Guess they tuned out the parts about Muslims and immigrants.

Day 114-41, 03/02 (Wed)

Trump’s golf courses stand to benefit financially from his new water-rule rollback, Bloomberg reports.

ICE deported an undocumented immigrant after they held a press conference. ICE doing everything to deport people, and with the maximum amount of fear.