nintendo switch post morten


  1. savegames can’t be backed up nor exported outside a switch
  2. there’s only one free usb 3.0 port in the back
    • but there’s two usb 2.0 or 3.0 ports on the side
  3. you can only charge your joy-cons by connecting them to the dock
    • only the charge version of the grip controller can be charged via usb
    • the joy-cons last forever so don’t worry about them too much
  4. there’s only ethernet via usb
    • you buy the usb-to-ethernet adapter yourself
    • don’t buy the officially licensed adapter; the ugreen 20265 ($19) or simpler version ($9) are fine if not better
  5. zelda: breath of the wild wipes all saves when you pick new game
    • this is what creating multiple users is for, but it’s only a matter of time before you pick the wrong profile and wreck mayhem
    • keep this in mind before lending your switch to a friend or sibling
  6. find a way to save or memorize your 16-digit friend code
  7. the ports nintendo want you to forward are … literally everything from 1 to 65535 on udp
    • don’t do that
    • to make matters worse, it looks like nintendo use a masala networking philosophy of p2p and a huge range of random ports
  8. nintendo changed display supplier

    from newer to older, november, october, original, this is what they look like:

  9. amiibos are good now

  10. you can sorta kinda register amiibos from inside their boxes

    you can also buy a third-party amiibo scanner to avoid any incisions

  11. you will have to enter your password every time you open the estore unless you change your user settings
  12. your nintendo points are basically useless on the switch
    • as of january 2018, the nintendo switch points system is still tba
  13. using the switch in kickstand mode makes me nervous; the kickstand is wobbly enough as it is, and i get the feeling the switch will get scratched
  14. you have to add friends on the switch; there is no online means of doing it
  15. people dislike the pro controller’s d-pad, but claim the xenoblade 2 version improved on it
  16. some third-party docks can brick your switch
  17. if you aren’t going to use your switch for a while, use the power button on it to manually power it off—you can’t do it through software